How to Prevent and Treat Sensitive Teeth

Dealing with sensitive teeth? If so, we understand your pain. Tooth sensitivity can be more than just annoying, it can severely impact your life, especially if you can’t eat or drink without discomfort.

In most cases, teeth are sensitive because their protective outer layers have worn away. This exposes your tooth’s dentin, which is full of tiny tubes with sensitive nerve endings running through them.

Try these five tips to help prevent and ease the pain. 

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Pain Management Techniques We Offer

Like all things dentist-related, dental anesthesia probably seems a little scary at first. We understand that gut reaction, but here at Snow Family Dentistry, we’d like to show you why your fears are unfounded.

Dental anesthesia is safe, effective, helpful and totally routine! We use it every day, for all kinds of different procedures.

Here are three pain control techniques we commonly use at Snow Family Dentistry:

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